This City that Never End…
Street art illustrates zone 5.0

Class 3B I.P.S.C. W. Kandinsky - Milan

Teachers: A. Di Blasi, M. Introvini, M. Rizzaro e A. Rizzo

‘This City that Never Ends’ is a fascinating multimedia story dedicated to the Gratosoglio neighbourhood by class 3B at the Istituto Professionale per i Servizi Commerciali Kandinsky. It is worth listening to, watching, absorbing. In the words of the students: ‘Poetic language, the key to the entire narrative, was a subtle balm that harmonised every mishap, every fall, and generated promising blends … The school needs more poetry!’ The work was carried out using the 1001storia author tool from the HOC-LAB laboratory at the Politecnico di Milano, which allows multimedia narratives to be created with video, images, audio, text, etc. It was also an entry in the national PoliCultura digital storytelling competition.