Quartiere Stadera Experience Tour

ScAR research team

classes 3CT 3DT 3ET 3CL 4CL - IIS C. Varalli

Teachers: T. Caputo, A. Cristiani, I. Fabrocile, D. Radrizzani, A. Rutili e S. Zanella

Thanks to the 360° images collected during the learning tours and the content produced by the students on the cultural landscape during the ScAR activities, the research team proposed the development of a virtual reality tour of the Stadera neighborhood. The tour, developed with the free Google Tour Creator application, offers to be immersed in the everyday landscape, hear the ambient sounds and learn the most relevant places with an audioguide. Users can also experience the evolution of the landscape by interacting with the scene and overlapping historical images on the current landscape.

The goal of the prototype was to test the real possibilities of developing VR technologies and complex storytelling in schools and in heritage education processes. The tour was also proposed during events where ScAR participated and it was very well received by younger students.

Unfortunately, the prototype is no longer available since Google decided in June 2021 to close the Google Tour Creator project and the Expeditions sharing platform.