From the world to Stadera: all the colours of craftsmanship

Primary School, class 2A – C. Battisti – I.C. di Via N. Palmieri – Milan

Teachers: M. A. Picillo e L. Tarricone

This video documents an organised reading of the Stadera neighbourhood made by the children in class 2A at Primary School C. Battisti (Istituto Comprensivo di via Palmieri).  Inspired by artisan activities, the project guided young pupils in discovering Via Montegani, its history, intangible culture, and multicultural nature. Exploration of the area and the collection of testimonies through interviews done by the children with artisans in the neighbourhood followed a series of actions to represent the territory. This included creating a model of the street on which the school stands, an in-depth study of the building’s history, and a session in the Architectural Modelling Laboratory (MOA) at the Politecnico di Milano to design outdoor play areas for the gardens next to the school.