Designing a research centre for marionette arts in the Stadera neighbourhood

Architectural Design Laboratory 1 (AA 2019/2020)
Politecnico di Milano – School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering (AUIC)
Instructors: F. Serrazanetti, V. Tosoni, C. Casonato

A participatory design activity was proposed for the Stadera neighbourhood in collaboration with Atelier Fratelli Colla — a historical marionette company in the area — and students of the Architectural Design Laboratory 1 of the Politecnico di Milano AUIC School. With the involvement of local actors, the students developed various design proposals to renovate a degraded area of the neighbourhood, so as to create a new space for research and experimentation in the art of puppetry.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the laboratory also tested the effectiveness of the digital products and tools developed during the ScAR project to explore and learn about cultural landscape at a distance.